About me:

I am a Full-stack Developer specializing on .NET technologies. Programming is my passion. Apart from learning new technologies and solving problems; I love spending time with nature and staying fit. I also have keen interest in graphics designing, 3D animation, game development, machine learning, and computer vision.

  • github.com/samir-dahal
  • facebook.com/lahadrimas
  • instagram.com/_samirdahal
  • Recent Projects

    Some of my recent projects.

    Music Player

    A creative music player made with JavaScript. Includes awesome seekbar.

    Live Demo Source Code

    Catch It

    A simple console based particles catching game. Move Left/Right and try to catch all particles.

    Source Code

    Console Typer

    Again, a simple console based typing game to improve your typing speed.

    Source Code

    Quote Typer

    If you didn't like the console version, here's the web version but it is called Quote Typer.

    Live Demo Source Code


    A simple console based shooting game.

    Source Code


    My skill sets


    ASP.NET Core, MVC 4-5, WebForms, WebAPI, WCF


    WinForms, UWP, WPF, Xamarin


    Xamarin.Forms, Native Android, Symbian, WAP/WML